Tatton Lib Dems: We’ll fight Brexit McVey With Local Champion

Tatton Liberal Democrats will use Esther McVey's support for hard-Brexit, divisive record in government, and her lack of any links to the constituency to fight her at the upcoming general election.


Less than two years after voters in Wirral West rejected her, Esther McVey has been handed a political lifeline in the Tatton seat vacated by the former Chancellor, turned London Evening Standard Editor, George Osborne.

In 2015, Liverpool-born McVey had the dubious honour of being the only Conservative minister to LOSE her seat at the last general election. Wirral West voters rejected the Employment Minister's abysmal record of fighting for their interests after she pushed through the Tories' disastrous bedroom tax and championed controversial cuts to disability benefits.

Now, despite her staunch hard Brexit views, she has been parachuted in as the Conservative candidate for Tatton - a constituency that just ten months ago bucked the national trend and voted overwhelmingly in favour of Remain.

She stands against local Liberal Democrat and Mobberley resident, Gareth Wilson - the only candidate from the last election to be standing again this time.

"This is yet another parachuted-in Tory with no connection to the constituency - and a prominent Leave campaigner to boot," says Gareth, who recently led the successful campaign against housing development in Mobberley.

"How can she have any experience of the problems with local services if she doesn't live here?

"This is clearly Theresa May attempting to shore-up support for her ideological hard Brexit in the next parliament.

"I hope the 56% who voted remain in Tatton will vote for a candidate that will fight May's plans to leave the single market rather than one who endorses it!"

As well as fighting McVey on her record, Gareth will focus his campaign on four key areas. He vows to:

- Vote to keep Britain in the Single Market to protect jobs at AstraZeneca and other major employers and campaign to give the British people a final say on the Brexit deal.

- Fight the 15% cut in funding for Cheshire East schools that will damage the life chances of every child in Tatton.

- Protect Macclesfield Hospital against plans to close its Millbrook unit.

- Defend the local environment by blocking proposals for fracking underneath Tatton homes.

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