Gareth Wilson is the Liberal Democrats' choice to take stand in Tatton in this year's snap election.

Gareth the Local Party Chair and stood against George Osborne in 2015. With a background in Economics and Design Director of a software company, he has been active in local politics for a number of years and led the recently successful campaign against housing development in Mobberley, which was finally rejected in 2016.

Gareth was brought up in the area and currently lives in Mobberley with his wife and two young children, so he has a clear sense of the issues which affect the people of Tatton. He's the only candidate from the previous election, proving our promise from 2015 that when all the other candidates have gone Gareth will still be fighting for local services in our area.


At a national level Gareth is a Liberal Democrat Conference Representative and actively involved in a wide range of policy debates from economic policy through to care for the elderly.  He also regularly writes for Liberal Democrat Voice (www.libdemvoice.org), the most read independent Liberal Democrat website.