#LibDemFightBack Continues With Stunning Local By Election Wins


 The Liberal Democrats are the only party that made council seat gains in 2016, with a stunning set of results continuing into 2017.

This week Lib Dems triumphed in Sandhill, in the Labour heartland of Sunderland, with a 41.5 point leap in its vote share. Labour support fell by nearly 30 points.

And in Gade Valley, on Three Rivers Council in Hertfordshire, the Libs won by more than 400 votes from the Conservatives following a 24-point jump in support.

Closer to home in Cheshire East, on Wednesday evening Liberal Democrat Carrie Pletscher became a Cheshire East Councillor in Alsager with a whopping 70% of the vote, leaving Labour a distant second place.

Speaking about the results, Gareth Wilson Chair of the Tatton Lib Dems and Westminster Candidate said:

"Since May 2015 we have gained over 20 council seats, won a parliamentary by-election in Richmond Park and come a close second in Witney, slashing a Conservative majority from 20,000 to 5,000."

“And what a start to the year - we've gained seats from both the Conservatives and from Labour. People up and down the country want to see an open, tolerant and united UK.

“It is the Liberal Democrats who are standing up and representing them, we are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit government.”

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